Gus commands

[optional] — <required> — |=or

Command Description
!set steamid <SteamID> Registers your SteamID with Gus, required for using the #svencoop chat relay in Discord. Example: !set steamid STEAM_0:0:123456
!set linknick <0|1> If your SteamID is set and this is set to 1, your Discord nickname will be used in the #svencoop chat relay for messages your wrote in-game (instead of your in-game nick). Example: !set linknick 1
!set tz <Time/Zone> The provided timezone will be used when specifying absolute dates/times in the reminder function. Example: !set tz Asia/Omsk
[!]rem[ind] [me|@someone] [in|at] <MIN|[YYYY-MM-DD] HH:MM> [to|that] [text] Flexible reminding system. Reminds at the the given countdown in MIN or at the given TIME. Most words can be omited as long as you give a countdown/time/date. Examples: rem 5, !remind @Gus at 16:00 yes honey, !rem me in 10 to go home, rem 19:00 play time, remind me in 60 that one hour has passed, rem me 2033-02-26 13:00 hello from a long time ago
!status Displays the current status of the TWLZ Sven Co-op gameserver.
!player <nickname|SteamID> Fetches player information about the given player from the TWLZ svenstats database. Examples: !player nico, !player STEAM_0:0:123456
!w[eather] [location] Shows the weather for the given location. If the location is omited, the last used location will be used. Example: !w Berlin
!imdb <movie> [year] Returns movie information from IMDb. Example: !imdb The Matrix 1999. Alternatively: !movie.
!ud <term> Retrieves the definitions of the given term from Urban Dictionary. Only works in #media.
!time [<Time/Zone|location>] Shows the local time for the given time zone ID or location. If the zone is omited, the user set timezone will be used (if available). Example: !time Asia/Pyongyang, !time Chatham Islands
[ ] foo [ ] bar Tickable Boxes like [ ] will get randomly ticked to help you decide something.