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Player Models

A huge Player Model Pack can be downloaded here (7707 models, ~2.2 GiB download size, ~11 GiB extracted).
Last updated: 2021-01-01

Player models can also be requested by the server, just set your "model" console variable to the desired model to download and wait for 2 map changes. If you already have set it before connecting it will only take one map change. If the server has the requested player model your client will download it.

Chat Commands

All commands are chat commands. To use, type them into the in-game chat as you would talk to other players.

Command Description
diff Shows the current difficulty. Dynamic difficulty is only enabled on some maps/campaigns.
speedometer Toggles the speedometer which displays your current speed.
glow <color> Makes you glow shiney. Replace <color> with a color name from the color list.
trail <color> [spritename] Gives you a shiney trail. Replace <color> with a color name from the color list. Available sprites: lightning, smokey, fatline, thinline, point, squarewave or omit the sprites name for the default sprite.
hat <name|menu> Wear a hat. See "hat menu" for available hats or use "hat hatname" to directly wear the specified one.
rtv RTV: Rocks the vote. Enough other players must also rock the vote.
nom[inate] [mapname] RTV: Nominates a given map. If no map is specified a menu will open.
listnom RTV: Shows all nominated maps. Alternative: "nomlist"
listmaps RTV: Shows all voteable maps (outputs to console). Alternative: "maplist"
pandemic? Hazmat up.
partymode? Starts a vote to enable or disable the party mode.
<soundtrigger> Some words trigger sounds. See the corresponding console command to list them.

Console Commands

All commands are console commands. To use, type them into the console. You can also bind those commands in your config.
Commands with a * appended in the description also work in the chat.

Command Description
.nightvision Toggles nightvision.
.e Prints emote usage. *
.ghosts Prints help for the configuration of ghosts when observer mode is enabled. *
.vc <1|2> Opens the voice command menu 1 or 2. *
.vc voice Opens a menu to change your current voice. *
.vc pitch <25-255> Sets your pitch for voice commands. *
.vc vol <0-100> Adjusts all voice command volumes. Use 0 to mute them. *
.cspitch <25-255> Sets your pitch for chat sound triggers. *
.listsounds Displays a list of all currently available chat sound triggers.
.listmodels Displays a list of all players with their values of model name, topcolor and bottomcolor.
.pastmaplist Displays the last maps who were played and the server won't use as nextmap.

Current Mapcycle

mapcycle.txt - Many more maps are available in the votemap menu, see below.

All Voteable Maps

mapvote.txt - Some of those maps are missing a game_end and you have to rtv at some point.